A personalized way to take shot flights

Blank Canvas by Potter helps to put more fun in your drinking games. All you need is a specially designed skiboard, shot glasses, a few friends, and your choice of alcohol. With our shot boards, you and up to five friends can take shots simultaneously - the perfect bonding experience for soon-to-be fraternity brothers, newlyweds, and relatives.

Each shot board is handmade using 63-inch skis, which are never painted or decorated with stickers or vinyl. You can personalize your board with...

Your choice of stain color and font
Up to five shot glass holders
A wood-burned message
A bottle cap opener

Thick shot glasses are included with every finished shot board, but you can opt out when you purchase an unfinished board. Or, we can provide a pack of 100 disposable shot glasses.

Visit our online store now to order a custom shot board for your party or special event.

Don't wait till the last minute to order

It currently takes two to three weeks for us to process orders. USPS shipping typically takes two to three days. So, order your shot boards well in advance.

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